Tuesday, January 18, 2011

1.11.11- SNOW DAY!

What a great day. It FINALLLY snowed in Kansas City and boy did it ever! Bennett’s school was cancelled for Tuesday and, although I look forward to my 2 productive days a week while he’s away, this day was different. There’s still such a nostalgic feeling that comes with the announcement of school being cancelled due to snow. A sudden excuse to delay the to-do list and enjoy a lazy day doing whatever you please. So, Bennett and I took the day to pack away Christmas décor, clean (he loves to “dust”… and says the word quite clearly), play briefly outside in the snow (it was 8 degrees, so that didn’t last long), and play, play, play with all his toys. We read lots of books, sang along with hours of kid music, played with choo-choo trains, constructed many Mr. Potato Head families and put together an endless amount of puzzles. Of course, Bennett spent the entire day in his pajamas. We had so much fun! These are the types of days that will always stand out in my memory. Warm, cozy, no agenda… and lots of time for fun and cuddling. Here are a few pictures of Bennett’s first romp in the snow. He was a little tentative at first, but soon learned that it was fun to throw the snow and clap it in his hands.

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  1. Great pictures!! Glad you enjoyed your snowday!