Tuesday, January 18, 2011

1.11.11- SNOW DAY!

What a great day. It FINALLLY snowed in Kansas City and boy did it ever! Bennett’s school was cancelled for Tuesday and, although I look forward to my 2 productive days a week while he’s away, this day was different. There’s still such a nostalgic feeling that comes with the announcement of school being cancelled due to snow. A sudden excuse to delay the to-do list and enjoy a lazy day doing whatever you please. So, Bennett and I took the day to pack away Christmas d├ęcor, clean (he loves to “dust”… and says the word quite clearly), play briefly outside in the snow (it was 8 degrees, so that didn’t last long), and play, play, play with all his toys. We read lots of books, sang along with hours of kid music, played with choo-choo trains, constructed many Mr. Potato Head families and put together an endless amount of puzzles. Of course, Bennett spent the entire day in his pajamas. We had so much fun! These are the types of days that will always stand out in my memory. Warm, cozy, no agenda… and lots of time for fun and cuddling. Here are a few pictures of Bennett’s first romp in the snow. He was a little tentative at first, but soon learned that it was fun to throw the snow and clap it in his hands.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Santa was extremely generous this year and brought Bennett (and his mommy and daddy) a trip to SeaWorld! Bennett LOVES fish, which he enthusiastically pronounces "shish"... or is it "duhsh" (I can't really tell). I don't quite understand the obsession... aside from the fact that they ARE quite graceful and they ARE one of the only animals we don't have in our home. In order to get Bennett excited for his trip, Santa brought a special fish shirt and a poem to announce the gift.

So, Off We Went…
on January 7th to Orlando, FL. The travel to Florida was pretty smooth, with the exception of a minor mishap with Bennett's rolling backpack (the pull handle broke) and the fact that he wouldn't nap on the plane (as we had hoped and planned for). We had a near-miss after boarding the bus in long-term parking at KCI... we realized that Snuggly was still in the car. Thanks to our gracious bus driver, we were able to turn around and go rescue him. I can't even imagine how terrible the trip would have been without Snuggly. Yikes!

SeaWorld: Day 1
Saturday, January 8th, was our first day at SeaWorld. Brian and I were so excited to see how Bennett would react... we anticipated seeing his face when he first realized what we had traveled oh so far to see. He was quite awe-inspired at first and didn’t really say much. Then, the shrills of excitement set in and he was one happy boy. SeaWorld is truly an amazing experience for adults too. The shows are wonderful and it's very interesting to learn about all the animals. We attended the "Sea Lion and Otter Show," fed the sting rays, wandered through aquariums, including The Shark Encounter and Wild Arctic, walked through most of the park, and had lunch at Seaport Pizza (which was terrible). After letting Bennett nap late in the afternoon, we headed to Downtown Disney for the evening. It was difficult finding a place to eat that didn't have a 2+ hour wait, but we ended up finding a sandwich shop that suited us just fine. We walked the boardwalk and toured through the shops and sights until we were exhausted. Bennett and Brian rode a small train together, which Bennett LOVED!

SeaWorld: Day 2
The weather continued to be wonderful for our second day at SeaWorld. We toured through the Penguin Encounter, Jewels of the Sea Aquarium, the Manatee Rescue, the Dolphin Nursery, Pacific Point Preserve (seals), experienced “Blue Horizons” (the dolphin show) and the "Shamu Show." Our favorite, by far, was the dolphin show! Bennett LOVED clapping for the fish and screaming “YEEE-AAA” with a high-pitched shrill! The seals were also really fun to watch. They are so much like dogs... they bark at each other (and at the crowd) and you can feed them treats (fish). I would say that we were a little underwhelmed by the Shamu Show… or maybe it was just because Bennett wasn’t into it and wouldn’t sit still. Now that the trainers can’t enter the water with the whales, the show really wasn’t all that captivating. They ARE amazing fish to see in person, so we appreciated that aspect.

Bennett's Favorite Things:
- FISH, FISH, FISH everywhere! (he especially loved the stingray pups... "bay-bee shish")

- Clapping and cheering after any fish show

- Watching the Manta roller coaster

- Watching the many helicopters flying overhead (he even had a little "helicopter dance")

- Eating junk food (french fries, pizza, etc)

- Sitting on any open curb for a quick rest

- Swinging from the many handrails just above head level

- Riding on Dad’s shoulders

-Riding the train in Downtown Disney

- The hotel... riding the elevator (always a favorite), and playing in the fountain

- Pulling his rolling backpack through the airport

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pajama Style

We kicked off 2011 at home this year. It was so cozy and relaxing. Brian and I both made it to midnight (eastern time) to watch the ball drop in NY Times Square on New Year’s Eve… that’s about all we had in us.

Bennett spent New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day hanging out in his PJs. Pajamas are his new favorite thing and he absolutely refuses to take them off. He even reminds you during diaper changes that he expects to continue wearing his PJs and a change of clothing is not welcome (of course, he communicates this through a series of grunts, pointing and various words that only Brian and I can interpret). On days when he HAS TO change out of his PJs (for school, church, events, etc.), he throws a serious tantrum… complete with kicking, screaming, clawing, hitting, twisting, pulling, etc. The kid really knows what he wants… and what he doesn’t. The only hope of avoiding a severe meltdown is to offer either a Wildcat shirt or a fish shirt for him to wear. Let’s just say that, through the winter months, Bennett will be spending most days in his warm, cozy, fleece pajamas. You’ll get to experience his entire selection modeled in the photos throughout our winter posts. He has quite the assortment, but any with sports themes tend to fall in the “favorites” category at this time. Ahhh… how I wish it was fashionable to wear cozy, fleece pajamas around all the time. Someone needs to start a new trend.

Here’s to a comfy and cozy 2011… Cheers!